Integrative Touch is the only wellness center in the Dayton and Kettering area to offer such a high level and breadth of service in one location. You will find medical massage, Medi-Cupping, infrared therapy, fitness classes, yoga, physical therapy and energy work conveniently at one place. This gives patients the opportunity to experiment with treatments until they find what works best for them.

We are committed to being professional, responsive and attentive to our patients’ needs. Connect with our team today and let them help you take charge of your health. 

Our Staff

Toshia McCormick, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist

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Toshia graduated from the Dayton School of Medical Massage and has passed her Medical Board Licensing Exam.Since then, she has started expanding her knowledge and skills through continuing education. It was becoming a parent to a child with disabilities–and finding out that he will require medical massage services his whole life– that caused Toshia to realize how powerful massage can be. Her belief is that the benefits of massage are physical, mental, and spiritual. Everyone is capable of being in complete homeostasis. Toshia and her skills can help get you there.

Toshia specializes in a variety of modalities, including integrative massage, deep tissue massage, energy work to balance your Chakras, and Medi-cupping to strengthen your lymphatic system and help you fight disease.

Richard Williams, P.T., C.A.T.

Richard Williams

Richard Williams is our in-house Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. Richard is the founder of Hardcore Fitness & Associates. You may recognize him ringside during the annual Dayton Fight Night charity events, since he is the trainer of many of the participants.

Richard offers training, therapy, in-home care and wellness instruction. He can make your appointment on-site at Integrative Touch. His patients range from the immobile to bodybuilders and competitors. Richard is known for his encouraging tagline, “you’re doing good.” This motivating therapist will help you reach your physical goals.

Ben Harlamert, LMT

Ben Harlamert

One of our licensed massage therapists on staff, Ben received his license through the Ohio State Medical Board in 2014 and has been practicing ever since. As a married father of four, he knows how medical massage can ease the stresses of daily life and help encourage muscle health as you get older. Ben specializes in deep tissue and sports massage, but also has a skill set that has a great range of versatility. Ben is also certified in Medi-cupping, hot stones, prenatal massage and Himalayan salt stone massage! He says his passion is bringing pain relief and wellness to his clients.

Amber Jenkins, LMT

Amber Jenkins

Amber is a licensed massage therapist on the Integrative Touch staff, graduating from the Dayton School of Medical Massage, along with Laurel Oaks for Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy. Since graduation, she has been strengthening her skill set in both sports and deep tissue massage, specializing in the full-body connection and assisting patients who suffer from issues with temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Amber enjoys helping clients find relief from their aches, pains, and injuries. Her latest training has been in prenatal massage and Medi-cupping. Amber looks forward to providing the highest care to clients in her role, as well as extending her knowledge and skill set.

Outside of work, Amber enjoys spending time with her three children and husband. Coffee is always in her hand, and she also has hobbies that include reading and all things Harry Potter. When working with a client, Amber’s passion for the massage industry shines through and helps her find the best way for patients to achieve their wellness goals.

Kathy Ripberger, LMT

Kathy Ripberger

Kathy is a licensed massage therapist, working with the Integrative Touch team. Kathy has been working in the massage industry since 2005, with deep tissue massage being her favorite modality. Kathy also specializes in prenatal massage and Medi-cupping. Medi-cupping benefits anyone, but can be specifically beneficial to those who need deep tissue relief but cannot handle the pressure of deep tissue massage due to auto-immune disorders or other chronic health problems. Kathy has a deep passion for those with chronic pain and illness and desires to bring them back to full health through the power of massage.

Payton Stinnett, LMT

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Payton received his license through the Ohio State Medical board in 2019. Since then, he has been performing massages using percussion, torsion, kneading, chucking, and more. He is proficient in pressure, ranging from light to extremely deep with elbow and knuckle usage. Since he has started his career, he has  added extra modalities to his skill set. These modalities include stretch therapy and post isometric relaxation pin (PIR), which is great for increased range of motion & muscle release. Payton is also trained and certified in Hypervolt RTR, aromatherapy, BioFreeze/enhanced muscle therapy (EMT), and hot stone massage. Payton takes pride in continuously expanding his knowledge and passing it on to his clients to help them understand the process to achieve their goals. He says his  greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from the relief he brings to a person that has been struggling to find it elsewhere.

Sukhi Kullar, Yoga Instructor

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Sukhi began exploring the practice of yoga when her children left for college. She was initially drawn to yoga as a form of exercise, to ensure she was moving her body every day. Over time, this form of exercise developed into a passion. Sukhi found herself craving yoga and all the benefits it provides. Yoga became a way to merge my mind, body, and soul for her, and she decided to instruct others to enjoy the same benefits. Sukhi completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2019 to gain more knowledge and deepen her practice.

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