At Integrative Touch, we specialize in both integrative and deep tissue massage. The biggest benefit to visiting Integrative Touch is that we work with each individual client to ensure that we are creating a customized massage plan. We want to ensure that we address your concerns and needs with the techniques, modalities and tools that will find you the highest level of wellness.

Deep Tissue Massage

The term “deep tissue massage” is often misunderstood. Many times, it is perceived or portrayed as painful or aggressive. However, a deep tissue massage does not have the goal of causing pain; the goal is to reach deeper layers of muscle and tissue in order to resolve pain points that are beyond the surface level. A deep tissue massage works to lengthen and relax deeper layers to bring relief. Sometimes this looks like the use of elbows in order to press with more firmness, or employing hot or cold stone into targeted areas in order to get a more acute deep pressure.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage are plentiful. This type of massage may help manage pain and increase a person’s range of motion. Deep tissue massages offer both physical and mental health benefits. Obviously it can relax you as your pain points are worked out. But unlike other massage techniques that focus solely on relaxation, deep tissue massages aim to treat muscle pain and eliminate stiffness.

Many people report deep tissue aiding their struggles with:

sport injury

Sports Injuries

low back pain

Low Back Pain

testing blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

woman with arthritis


muscle strain

Muscle Strain

misaligned joint in hands

Skeletal Misalignment

woman with sciatica


woman with plantar fascitis

Plantar Fascitis

rotator cuff injury

Rotator Cuff

woman with neck pain

Neck Pain

woman with tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow

Integrative Massage

female receiving neck massage

Integrative massage is our approach to massage at Integrative Touch. Integrative massage is not just one type of massage. Instead, it refers to our customized approach to massage. We integrate a number of modalities, techniques, and tools in order to create a tailored and customized massage experience for each individual client.

Every person is unique and their pains, injuries, tension areas and overall health may be different as well. Our goals as integrative massage therapists is to get to know our clients and use our expertise to help them heal and feel well.

The main goal for an Integrative Massage would be all the benefits with no pain as a result. We work meticulously to “trick the brain” so that you can feel euphoric while receiving a therapeutic massage.

Massage Add-Ons


At Integrative Touch, Medi-cupping can be used as a standalone service, but when paired with a customized massage experience, it enhances all the benefits of massage. Medi-cupping is the western medicine that takes on the ancient Chinese practice of cupping. Medi-cupping uses a VacuTherapies machine to create the suction and pumping movements that are normally done with manual vacuum pistols, to create a soothing, consistent and effective treatment without strain on the therapist or client. The machine is able to separate tissue layers to pinpoint target areas with greater accuracy.

The benefits of Medi-cupping are felt almost immediately after one session. When coupled with a massage, when your muscles are already worked and relaxed, can provide a whole new level of relief. Learn more about Medi-cupping and its powerful benefits on our Medi-cupping page.

Infrared Therapy

sauna machine

Add Infrared therapy to your next massage session. This painless therapy treatment enhances your massage with a number of added benefits. Infrared therapy uses light at varying wavelengths to treat acute or chronic pain. This therapy is as simple and painless as sitting in a chair. The wavelengths of light are delivered to the sites of the body that have injuries, penetrating to the inner layers of the skin that are between 2 to 7 centimeters deep. This allows the light to reach the muscles, but also nerves and even bones.

Pairing Infrared Therapy with a massage can bring you greater results. Some of the benefits include lower blood pressure, pain relief, wound healing, detoxification, and weight loss. It can also increase your immune system health, can fight against the development of cellulite, improve blood flow and encourage stress relief.

Hot Stone Massages

hot stone massage

At Integrative Touch, our massage therapists may suggest using hot or cold stones to enhance your experience. Both hot and cold stones can be used to deliver different, but equally effective, results.

Hot stone massage therapy treatment uses smooth stones that are heated and placed on specific points of the body, typically along the spine, on the stomach, chest, face, palms or feet and hands. The stones can also be used as a tool to press our knots, kinks, and drive deeper into the tissue. Your therapist will use long strokes, circular movements, kneading and tapping to get an enhanced access to deeper muscles and bring greater pain relief.

Cold Stone Migraine Miracle Treatment (30 minute treatment)

woman with headache

Our cold stone migraine treatment can be booked as a standalone service, or as an add-on to a medical massage. Cold stone applications on the face constricts blood vessels in the body and helps to alleviate swelling of the sinuses and helps to alleviate migraine pain. This treatment is a revolutionary way to manage migraines or headache pain.

Massage FAQ

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How can I prepare for my first massage?

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Prior to your massage, it is a good idea to drink lots of water. Being hydrated for a massage helps your muscles relax and loosen up. Make sure that you have all of your medical concerns and list of medications ready to discuss with your therapist. Coming a few minutes early to your first session is a good idea so that you and your therapist can take the time needed to dive into your specific needs.

Will my massage hurt?

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Massages should not make your pain worse. That being said, the sensations you feel may feel tender and deep depending on the type of massage you need, your current pain issues and the depth of the strokes. There is a difference between a pain that actively hurts and a pain that is matched with equal relief. Our team works with the mentality that massage should always work with your body’s natural pain response, not try to force your body through it.

How often do you recommend massage?

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This can vary from client to client. For some, weekly massage sessions provide the optimum pain relief. Others can go monthly and feel good, as well. The important thing to remember is that at Integrative Touch, we will work with you one on one to determine the best type and cadence of massage for you. That being said, based on time constraints and budget, it’s best to employ the “some is better than none” approach. Discuss your ability and your needs with your therapist.

What can I expect after a massage?

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After a massage, most people feel relaxed, with some significant decrease from acute aches and pains. If you have received a deep tissue massage, you may feel a slight tenderness deep in the muscle. It will or should feel like you worked out a bit. Focusing on hydration and stretching after a massage will also help you continue to feel the benefits. Many patients also claim to have an emotional release after a massage, particularly deep massages that target energy trapped in the muscles at that level.

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