Richard Williams

Richard Williams, PT

Richard combines science and art to create a balanced and optimum treatment plan, customized to each client. The science of physical therapy includes working with you to identify the underlying problem and causes. Richard will then help you set goals and realistic expectations and develop a plan of care for your recovery. The art of physical therapy looks like really listening to you as a patient and understanding and recognizing the mental toughness it requires to meet very strenuous physical goals.

To schedule an intake session with our in-house physical therapist, call Integrative Touch at 937-949-3715 and we will get you on the schedule.

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The most important part of physical therapy is getting started. Richard will use your initial assessment to determine your needs and to put a plan in place to deal with those needs. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and we are looking forward to being of assistance.

You can contact us any time via our contact page or call us at 937-949-3715. We are ready to help you find the solution for your situations.

We are looking forward to speaking with you.